A note to all presenters
In order for your presentation to run smoothly we would like you to be at the venue 15 min before your presentation starts to verify that everything is set according to your needs. We would like to prepare venues and install all the necessary software and equipment needed in advance.Please make sure we have details of the following.1) All hardware needed during your presentation.2) Any Web 2.0 tools or internet website needed during your presentation.3) Details of any software needed during your presentation.

Our International Presenters
We are indeed very fortunate to have amazing keynote presenters joining us this year. To read more about them click here

Our local presenters
We will be creating a post for each presenter so that you can keep track of all their resources and more information about the sessions that they will be presenting. Just click on the presenters name to go to their page. You can also talk to them using their Twitter stream which you will find on their presenter page (or you can just type in @theirname #schoolnetsa into your tweet and go for it!). Just click on their name to see what they presenting, where and when. 

Here are the names in alphabetical order

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