Monday, 11 June 2012

Frédéric Kastner, The Virtual School, UK

Frédéric Kastner is from from London, UK. He is the programme manager at The Virtual School speaking on how teachers can make their own educational videos and giving a global view of what is happening in the world of digital subject content.

Twitter: @grenouillelibre

Session: Enabling Teachers to Create Their Own Multimedia Lessons
Place: Lab 4
Date and time: 2 July 15h00-17h00
·       How to create an educational video or audio podcast, from concept to full educational resource. You will be able to use these resources in your teaching and share them with other teachers around the world.
·       Imperative technical skills for the digital world and how to implement these skills in education.

·       How to broaden your reach as a teacher to give global access of your resources through popular video and social media websites.



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