Monday, 11 June 2012

Naomi Harm, Innovative Educator Consulting, USA

Naomi Harm, Innovative Educator Consulting, USAA technology innovation specialist that enjoys working with inspired educators and administrators with educational technology and technology leadership!

Twitter: @nharm 

Session 1: What Would You Like to Create Today? iPad Literacy 
Center “Apptivities”
Place: NEB Auditorium
Time: Tuesday 2 July  8h30-10h30

Session 2: So You Want to Hangout In My Community?
Place: ICT Lab E
Time: Wednesday 3th July 12h50-15h00

Session 3: Visualise Your Thinking and Learning - Visual Ranking App
Place: ICT lab E
Time: Wednesday 3th July 15h30-16h30

Session 4: K-12 Global Collaboration and Virtual Video Field Trips
Place: ICT Lab E
Time: Thursday 4th July 11h00-13h00

Explore the limitless possibilities of cross-cultural interactions via global collaboration projects! Participants will be engaged in an interactive presentation where online projects will be showcased utilizing ePals, Global School House Network, and Projects by Jen. We will also take a closer look at existing K-12 classroom projects and discover how easy it is to design and publish your own interactive project to make meaningful real-world connections with your learners and another classroom from around the world. These global collaboration projects will promote a multi-cultural awareness, which fosters mutual respect, tolerance, and communication inside and outside of the classroom.


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