Monday, 11 June 2012

Megan Rademeyer, SchoolNet SA

Megan Rademeyer, SchoolNet SA
Twitter: @MeganRademeyer


Session: Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert: TeachMeet
Place: New Education Block Auditorium (NEBA)
Date and time: Tuesday 2 July @ 15h00-17h00

During this TeachMeet style session, fifteen teachers who uploaded Learning Activities to the Partners in Learning Network and applied to be Microsoft Innovative Educators: Experts will each have five minutes to tell the audience about how they have used technology in an engaging way in their classrooms. Join this session if you want to see fifteen good ideas for enhancing teaching using ICT or if you want inspiration to create your own learning activity which you can upload to by 30 September to win a trip to the Global Partners in Learning Forum. Megan's resources:

Session:  Engaging Learning Activities Using Free Tools
Place: NEBA
Date and Time: Wednesday 3rd July @ 14:00 - 15:00
One simple tool in the hands of an innovative teacher can lead to an exciting opportunity for learners to build knowledge, collaborate, communicate and solve real-world problems. In this session you will be shown a range of learning activities that were presented at national, regional and global Microsoft Partners in Learning Forums where teachers made use of a range of free tools to enhance teaching and learning. Inspired by lessons and projects that other teachers have developed using free tools, we hope that audience members will go on to create their own learning activities.

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