Friday, 7 June 2013

Welcome to SchoolNet's 2013 ICT in the Classroom conference blog

A warm welcome to all our delegates, visitors and presenters! This blog will be the place where we will record every second of all the happenings at the conference. Here you can catch up on the conference Twitter stream and all the amazing resources that will shared during these three days.

Our themes for this year's conference: 
  1. Connecting classrooms - learning activities that use technology to connect classrooms beyond the school's boundaries
  2. Learning with tablets - learning activities that are unique to the use of tablets in and beyond the classroom
  3. Learning with mobile phones - learning activities that are unique to the use of mobile phones in and beyond the classroom
  4. Innovative teaching - any teaching with technology that you feel is innovative, especially if you have entered the Microsoft Innovative Education Forum now and in the past, but not reserved for that group of teachers
  5. ICT leadership in the school - ways in which you have shown successful leadership of ICT integration activities in your school generally.
  6. Curriculum delivery through digital content - how the inclusion of digital content in the curriculum has enhanced your teaching and student learning.

For general information, please visit the Information page where you will find all kinds of titbits that will guide you on your way.

Consult the Programme page to see what is on and when. You will also be able to click through from there to each presenters page where you will be able to ask questions and make comments as well as keep track of resources shared about or by the presenter and his/her topic.

The resources page will keep track of all the resources shared during the conference, whether it is in the Twitter stream or in our Diigo bookmarking group. If you have not already created a twitter account to keep track of and be part of the live "BUZZ" at the conference, work through the step by step guides and hints here.

Make sure that you go and 'like' the Schoolnet Facebook page if you want to keep up with things in your Facebook stream.

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